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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Democratic Chatter 12-27-2008

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Today, the President-elect begins week two of his vacation with his family in Hawaii - He continues to work closely with his transition team as we are now 24 days from Inauguration Day. The Hawaii Star Bulletin has a section entitled "Obama in Hawaii" - You can check it out here.


More international relations issues face the President-elect as Inauguration Day nears - Today, after several days of threats, Israel launched air force missile strikes on the Gaza Strip killing at least 155. This action was taken after Israel had received hundreds of rocket attacks from Hamas. has more here.

This comes after reports indicate Pakistan was transferring troops from the Afghanistan border to their border with India. These two countries have fought three wars since Pakistan established their independence in 1947.


Governors and Mayors across USA to plea for funds from the coming Obama administration Stimulus program - they are all feeling the pain from the struggling economy and face severe cost saving measures in their local budgets. The Washington Post has more here.


Caroline Kennedy provides insight on why she is seeking NY Senate seat - in an interview she talks about the impact the events surrounding 9/11 and the inspiration of President-elect Barack Obama has had on her seeking the position. has more here.

She has also spoken to Senator Hillary Clinton who Caroline indicated expressed how much she had enjoyed her position as Senator. Ms. Kennedy also indicated if she was not selected to fill the position, she would support the individual who was selected in the 2010 election. has more here.


Things go from bad to worse for Republicans as RNC chair decision nears - if more polarization and division is what you want and you are a Republican, you may have a new choice for chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Far right conservative Grover Norquist may become a candidate. has more here.

This comes after another right wing extremist, Chip Saltsman who is also vying for the chair of the RNC sends out a holiday card that includes a song knocking the President-elect. has more here.


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