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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bartlett Out Raised Dougherty 2-1 in MD 6th District

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The post election financial reports for Congressional candidates have been filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). As expected, incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett raised considerable more funds than the Democratic challenger, Jennifer Dougherty.

However, his campaign spent less money than the Dougherty campaign as he easily won reelection to a ninth term in what is now the only Republican represented Congressional district in the state of Maryland.

You can view the 11-24-2008 financial reports on the FEC website by clicking here and then click on "Choose a House Candidate".

The Dougherty campaign reported a total of 172, 864 raised which included a loan of 10,000 by the candidate to the campaign. The expenditures were 172,385 which included a repayment of 6500 of the loan to the candidate. The reported cash on hand was 479 with a debt of 3500 to the candidate.

The Bartlett campaign reported a total of 318, 318 raised with expenditures of 142,616 The reported cash on hand was 377,673. The higher figure of cash on hand is the result of the Congressman's ongoing campaign account.

The expenditures by the Dougherty campaign are close to twice as much as Democratic candidate Andrew Duck spent in the 2006 campaign. The Dougherty campaign also spent 30,000 more than the Bartlett campaign.

Yet, as we reported in an earlier column, President-elect Barack Obama had no coattails for the Dougherty campaign. The results were essentially a mirror image of the 2006 election when Democratic candidate Andrew Duck received 38.4% of the vote and Roscoe Bartlett received 59%.

This election marked the fourth loss in five attempts to seek public office by Ms. Dougherty. She won the City of Frederick, Maryland mayor race in 2001 and lost in the Democratic primary when she ran for reelection in 2005.


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