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Monday, December 1, 2008

Democratic Chatter 12-1-2008

George Wenschhof


Today at 10:40 AM ET, after much speculation, President-elect Barack Obama will name his foreign policy and national security team - Vice-President elect Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, who is expected to be nominated for secretary of state will be present at the press conference in Chicago. In addition to Gates staying on at Defense and retired General Jim Jones as National Security Adviser, expect Susan Rice to be named UN ambassador, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano-Homeland Security, and Eric Holder as AG. The NY Times has more here.


With all the talk on who is in the running for appointments in the Obama-Biden administration, the list of who has removed themselves from the running grows - John Brennan removed himself from consideration for the top post at the C.I.A., Jim Clyburn (D-SC), House Majority Whip says he is not interested, as does former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn. The Washington Post has a good read here.


Republicans may target Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calf.) in 2010 - after 14 years in the Senate, she has upset many a Republican with her liberal philosophy. Now, as chair of the Senate Ethics and Environmental committees, she also has power to tackle tough issues like global warming. Yet, Republican rumbling is happening. has more here.


In case you forgot, there's a U.S. Senate election tomorrow - the runoff election in Georgia between incumbent Saxby Chambliss (R) and Jim Martin (D). Chambliss is the favorite as he won just a hair under 50% in a three way general election. In Georgia, the winner must win a majority of the vote and a plurality doesn't cut it. While President-elect Obama has stayed out of the politicking, Democratic and Republican heavyweights have been campaigning in the state. Turnout will be the key and I would not underestimate Martin's chances. has more here.

The other U.S. Senate race still to be determined is Minnesota with the state mandated recount nearing an end. After 2.4 million votes cast in the general election, the vote between incumbent Republican Senator Coleman and Democratic challenger Franken was only several hundred votes. As the recount has moved forward both political camps have challenged thousands of ballots. The determination of these challenges could determine the winner.


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