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Thursday, November 6, 2008

MD 6th District Results

George Wenschhof

The Obama campaign for President brought not only excitement and enthusiasm for a change in the White House, but also for a change in the representation in Maryland's First and Sixth District. These two districts had long been represented by Republicans and hopes were high that Obama coat tails would benefit the two Democratic candidates in these districts.

The first district candidate, Democrat Frank Kratovil is leading by 1871 votes and this winner will not be decided until 25,000+/- absentee ballots have been counted. It was announced today this should be completed by November 14.

In the Maryland sixth district, former one-term Mayor of the City of Frederick, Jennifer Dougherty who only received 38.4% of the vote, did not fare any better than the Democratic nominee in the 2006 congressional election. The Democratic nominee in 2006 was Andrew Duck who was defeated by Dougherty in the 2008 primary. Dougherty with only 44%, had won a plurality of the vote in a crowded field in the primary to become the Democratic Party nominee.

In Frederick County, the largest of the counties which comprise the sixth district, Dougherty received 43.9% and Bartlett received 52% of the vote. In 2006, Andrew Duck received 44.8% of the vote.

The Frederick County results for President increased from 40% for John Kerry in 2004 to 48% for Obama in this election. However, there were no coat tails from the Obama candidacy for the Democratic candidate for congress, Jennifer Dougherty.

Below, you can read the general election results as reported on the Maryland State Board of elections website. This is before the absentee ballots are counted and added, but they are not expected to change the percentage vote won by the candidates to any measurable degree.

Congressional District 06
(Vote for one)
Jennifer P. Dougherty Roscoe Bartlett Gary W. Hoover, Sr. Other Write-Ins
Totals118,865 (38.4%)179,846 (58.1%)10,311 (3.3%)310 (0.1%)

Interestingly, the percentages of the vote won by the candidates in this election is almost identical to the results two years ago when Andrew Duck was the Democratic candidate and Robert Kozak was the Green Party candidate. Below are the 6th District numbers from the Maryland Board of Elections website for the 2006 election.

Candidates for Representative in Congress in Congressional District 06 (Vote for one)
Roscoe G. Bartlett(Won) Andrew Duck Robert E. Kozak Other Write-Ins
Totals141,200 (59.0%)92,030 (38.4%)6,095 (2.5%)128 (0.1%)

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1 comment:

joe cohen said...

To the losers.

the benedict arnolds of this world./

namely jenifer dougherty who helped stop a fellow democrat become mayor then ran against fellow dem Andrew duck'

then of course Joe the loser lieberman who not only lamblasted Obama at the republican convention - then was in the house of McCain watching his Idol lose,. then has the cheek to say he would work together with the obama transition team ,. saying anything he could do to help,. well i dont know about that but i was told to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.