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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Democratic Chatter 11-12-2008

George Wenschhof

Obama and Biden continue to be in Chicago holding meetings and placing calls - President-elect Barack Obama is making calls to Heads of State and yesterday also called Pope Benedict XVI.


World economic summit to convene this weekend in D.C. - however, the President-elect will not be attending. As we reported earlier, Obama advisers felt this would not be good as it would tie Bush policies to Obama. The other obvious side of the coin is this is a moment when Obama could met and interact with world leaders. Yet, there is only one President at a time. This is an awkward period in American politics where the incoming President must wait 21/2 months after the election before assuming office. As to the world economic summit, negotiations have already taken place to ensure world leaders reconvene within ninety days of this weekend, at which time, Barack Obama will be President. The NY Times has more here.


Obama names former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn to head the transition effort at the Pentagon - some moderate Democrats had wanted to see Nunn as vice-president. His foreign affairs experience, along with his experience in D.C. will be of help to Obama. Read more here.


John Edwards gives speech at Indiana University - this was his first public appearance after admitting to an affair with a campaign staffer. This was probably a good choice to re-enter the public arena. I attended graduate school here and the city of Bloomington and the people are great! Edwards reportedly kept the speech on the Obama campaign and his own campaign theme of addressing poverty. Prior to the revelation of his affair, Edwards was considered an odds on favorite to land a cabinet position in an Obama administration. has more here.


"Wailing Palin" continues make-over media tour - after a less than stellar performance as the Republican Party vice-president candidate, Governor Palin is desperately trying to remake her image. During the campaign, she was unable to answer what the vice-president does, name a newspaper she reads, or know whether Africa was a country or a continent. She was labeled as a whack job, a hillbilly, and a diva by Republican campaign staff. Then there's the matter of those clothes, all $150,000 of them - and did you know? she can see Russia from her house.

After appearing with Matt Lauer on "Today", she will appear on CNN's "The Situation Room" and "Larry King Live" tonight. Look to see Stevens emerge as winner in the Alaska senate race and then shortly thereafter, retire. Expect Governor Palin to seriously consider stepping down as Governor and asking to be appointed to the vacant seat.


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