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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Democratic Gains in Senate - Follow Results Here!

George Wenschhof

There has been a lot of talk about Democrats reaching a filibuster proof Senate (60 seats) as a result of elections across the country today. Currently the Democrats and Republicans each hold 49 seats in the Senate. Democrats have been able to claim a majority with the help of Independent Senators; Joe Lieberman (Conn.) and Bernie Sanders (Vt.). The Democrats need to pick up at least nine seats with the continued support of the Independent senators or 11 seats to hit 60 on their own. It looks promising for the Democrats to pick up at least 7 seats and with a little help, can pick up 11 seats.

Do not expect an invite to the Democratic caucus to be sent to "Joementum" after this election. Lieberman, who differs with the Republican Party on many issues, will be forced to seek an invite from them.

The following 11 races are the ones I believe to be possible pick ups for the Democrats and as results come in, I will indicate the winner.

Virginia: Warner(D)-Winner, Gilmore(R)

New Jersey: Lautenberg(D)-Winner, Zimmer(R) - forgive me, I listed this incorrectly, Lautenberg is an incumbent so this is not a pick up for Democrats.

New Mexico: Udall(D)-Winner, Pearce(R)

New Hampshire: Shaheen(D)-Winner, Sununu(R)

Georgia: Martin(D), Chambliss(R)-Winner - headed for a runoff election, state requires winner to receive 50% which did not occur. Runoff election will be December 2. Chambliss easily wins runoff election.

Oregon: Merkley(D)-Winner, Smith(R) close race, Gordon Smith concedes on 11-6-2008.

North Carolina: Hagen(D)-Winner, Dole(R)

Minnesota: Franken(D), Coleman(R)- 2.4+/- million votes cast and Coleman leading by approximately 1000 - the state constitution calls for a recount so final determination will not be known until sometime in December.

Colorado: Udall(D)-Winner, Schaffer(R)

Kentucky: Lunsford(D), McConnell(R)-Winner

Alaska: Begich(D)-Winner, Stevens(R) - votes still being counted with Stevens maintaining a slim lead. 11-19-2008 after final absentee ballots counted Begich had 3700+ vote lead and with only approximately 2500 overseas ballots to be counted, Stevens concedes the race.

There is one race where the incumbent Democrat is in a competitive race so we need to keep an eye on this one as well:

Louisiana: Landrieu(D)-Winner, Kennedy(R)

Stay tuned and check back often throughout the night for the results on these critical Senate races.


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