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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Democratic Chatter 11-15-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, President-elect Obama will video tape his weekly radio address - this, in addition to the regular audio tape of the radio address. The YouTube videos will be posted on the site on Saturday evening following the radio address in the morning. You can read more here.


In his first weekly videotaped radio address, Obama called again for a economic stimulus bill to be passed by congress - he acknowledged the world economic meeting organized by President Bush and taking place today in Washington D.C. - However, he felt more is needed to help struggling families, including an extension of unemployment benefits. He again said if congress does not act now, a stimulus bill would be among the first actions taken by him after he is sworn in as President. has more here.


No-Drama Obama transition team hits turbulence - many, including myself, have been impressed with the discipline the Obama team displayed throughout the election. Now, as President-elect and a transition team in place, the traditional D.C. rumor mill is hard at work, chipping away at the shield surrounding the transition. This has resulted in many false statements ranging from who is involved in different aspects of the transition effort to who said what at private meetings. has more here.


President Bush and Senate offer plans to help auto industry - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a bill to provide 25 Billion to auto makers will be introduce that will include government equity stakes and limit executive compensation. (sounds familiar to the bailout for banks) President Bush says the 25 Billion already approved by congress a few months ago could simply be redirected from research for energy efficient autos to cash assistance. has more here.


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