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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Early Exit Polls

George Wenschhof

5:37 PM ET: MSNBC reports the following data:

Voters who said Economy was number one concern - 72%
Iraq - 10%, Health Care and Terrorism - 9%

Only 35% approve Iraq

Concerned about Terrorism - 71% - same as 2004.

Doesn't tell us too much as to who they voted for - an assumption would be economic concerns have many voting for Obama, concerns about Terrorism would have many voting for McCain.

CNN - reporting numbers similar to the above.

AP - 40% say family finances worse than four years ago

Fox - 57% say Obama is in touch with people like them.
41% say McCain is in touch with people like them.

51% - government should do more to solve problems. has more here.

Note: The more in touch with people like us question could be very telling as to how people voted.

6:48 PM ET - MSNBC exit polls - 79% felt America was heading in the wrong direction. President Bush approval rating was 28%


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