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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maryland Results

George Wenschhof

Maryland has 8 House seats and we will report on two of them which are in heavy registered Republican districts. The other six seats are considered safe seats for the Democrats. Statewide pundits have the open seat 1st district race competitive and the local Democrats in the 6Th district are hoping Obama has long enough coat tails to help win that seat.

The two statewide questions on the ballot are early voting and slots measures and we will report on these results as well. If the Slots question fails, Governor Martin O'Malley(D) and the state General Assembly will be faced with determining measures to make up the resulting financial shortfall in the state budget.

Maryland is expected to vote strong for Obama with at least 55% of the vote.

We will indicate the outcomes below as we know them. Also check out a Maryland blog, Free State Politics

President: Obama-winner

First District: Harris(R), Kratovil(D)- 44% Precincts reporting Kratovil-50%, Harris-48%, 11:00 PM Update - 55% precinct reporting, Kratovil-51%, Harris-47%, 11:22 PM - 66% precincts reporting, Kratovil-50%, Harris-48%, 11:43 PM - 81% precincts reporting, Kratovil-50%, Harris-48%, 12:25 AM - 93% Precincts Reporting: Kratovil 50%, Harris 48% - about 3900 votes separating them. 3:00 AM - 100% precincts reporting: Kratovil had 160,780 votes to Harris with 159,787. This winner will most likely have to wait until after the absentee ballots are counted.

Sixth District: Bartlett(R), Dougherty(D)- 55% Precincts reporting, Bartlett-58%, Dougherty-39%, 11:22 PM - 64% precincts reporting, Bartlett 57%, Dougherty 40%., 11:43 PM, 72% precincts reporting, Bartlett 57%, Dougherty 40% Bartlett declared winner. 91% precincts reporting: Bartlett 59%, Dougherty 38%. 98% Precincts reporting: Bartlett 58%, Dougherty 39%.

In spite of the huge increase in vote in the 6th district for the Democratic candidate for President; Barack Obama, the percentage vote Dougherty received was the same as Andrew Duck who received 38.4% in the 2006 election. In 2004, John Kerry received 40% of the vote in Frederick County compared to 60% for George W. Bush. Obama received 48% compared to 50% for McCain in Frederick County, Md.

Question 1 Early Voting: Approved
Question 2 Slots: Approved


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A 40% for Dougherty is a very poor showing, less than previous expectations would predict - you have to wonder, what next? It's not a great position to move on a state seat, and going back to the City...well, high negatives imo -