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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday morning "Talking Heads" Lineup for 10-24-2010

George Wenschhof

With only nine days left until the mid term elections, the talk continues to be focused on who will control Congress. The "silly season" is in full force and effect with the air waves and print media being used big time by the candidates all across the country. Last minutes efforts to convince voters are underway with Democratic Party leadership continuing to rail against the Supreme Court "Citizens United" decision which has allowed unlimited corporate donations to occur without disclosure.

President Obama and former President Bill Clinton are crisscrossing the country, stumping for Democratic candidates engaged in neck and neck races. While, Republican Party leadership continue to rail against the failed policies of the Obama administration which has led to a record deficit with high unemployment.

Now, it is up to the (GOTV) get-out-the-vote efforts and the so called ground game to see which party emerges as victors on November 2.

Polls have shown a tightening in many of the House seats with at least 40 still in play. In the Senate, 8 seats remain too close to call.

Democrats will lose seats in both, the question remains as to how many.

NBC "Meet The Press" will host RNC chair Michael Steele. This is a gamble for Republicans as his much publicized gaffes have hurt more than helped during his stormy term as chair of the Republican National Committee.

They will also have a roundtable discussion with a panel which includes MSNBC Rachel Maddow.

CNN "State of The Union" hosts the three Florida Senate candidates. However, I see this race as a done deal for Republican Marco Rubio. Newly Independent and Governor Charlie Crist pulls votes from Democrat Kendrick Meek and vice versa, ensuring Rubio the win.

Fox News Sunday hosts one of their favorite candidates; Pennsylvania Senate candidate Republican Pat Toomey who is now trailing Democrat Joe Sestak. Look to see this race be close to the finish.

Also appearing is West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin who is locked in a close battle with Republican John Raese for the Senate seat previously held by Byrd.

CBS "Face The Nation" has Republican spin master Karl Rove and DCCC chair Chris Van Hollen (D- Md.). Van Hollen engineered the Democratic victories which led to their majority in the House. While, Van Hollen will admit loses of seats will transpire, he will not conceded a lose of the majority.

On ABC "This Week", DNC chair Michael Kaine will be a guest along with Republican adviser ed Gillespie. Former White House communications director Anita Dunn will also appear.


NBC "Meet The Press" - Michael Steele, Roundtable with Rachel Maddow, EJ Dionne, Harold Ford, Rick Santelli, and David Brooks.

Fox News Sunday - Pat Toomey, Joe Manchin.

ABC "This Week" - Michael Kaine, Ed Gillespie, Anita Dunn

CBS "Face The Nation" - Karl Rove, Chris Van Hollen

CNN "State of The Union" - Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek


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