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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Early Voting in Maryland Remains Strong on Second Day

George Wenschhof

Yesterday, the first day totals in Maryland were 32,545 and the breakdown by political party is as follows: Democrats - 20,569, Republicans - 9,317 and "Others" - 2,659.

In Frederick County, the totals were 843 and the breakdown by political party was Democrats - 401, Republicans - 352, and "Others" - 90.

As of 2:00 PM today, the total vote statewide is 15,504 with the breakdown by political party: Democrat - 9,719, Republican - 4,176 and "Others" - 1,609.

An interesting note is Democrats are outvoting Republicans by more than 2-1 across the state. Republicans nationwide have been opined by many to be more energized than Democrats, but that is certainly not the case in Maryland in the first day and a half of early voting.

As additional numbers become available, we will publish.

4:00 PM ET - Total statewide voters - 18,580. Democrats - 11,789, Republicans - 4,900, "Others" - 1,891.
Frederick County total votes - 602. Democrats - 273, Republicans - 243, "Others" - 86


Editor's note -
a thank you to Frederick County Elections Director Stuart Harvey for providing the voting numbers for publication.

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