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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily Political Wire 10-12-2010

George Wenschhof

Bloomberg Poll shows Voters favor Democrats over Republicans -
but, the margin is small; 47-45%. While a majority of voters want a change, they are not enamored with Republican positions on the issues.

Republicans are leading Democrats in the important race for Independent voters; 35-29%. As to interest in the race, Republicans are more energized than Democrats, believing this is an important election; 51-37%. has more here.


Tonight, President Obama to host town hall meeting at George Washington University -
the event will be webcast and the Obama campaign has organized house parties across the country to watch the event. This is another effort to energize democrats and help get out the vote for the mid term elections. has more here.


Yesterday, President Obama proposed a 50 Billion Infrastructure Plan for America -
a fully paid, over time, program that is sorely needed across the country. NBC First Read has more here.

Unfortunately, the announcement will most likely end up hurting Democratic candidates more than helping them. First, it is once again large government spending which Republicans can point to and say, "there they go again". Second, Republicans can continue the criticism of the Obama administration 800 Billion Stimulus program, asking why this was not included in the already approved and funded program?


85% of Americans Unhappy with Economy -
per a new ABC News/Yahoo poll. ABC new has more here.

They could have saved there money as one would have to be a complete idiot it they did not realize this fact. Remember, former Bill Clinton's phrase, "It's the economy, stupid". In spite of Democratic leadership attempting to portray Republicans as the boogieman, voters will vote against the political party in power when the anger is at this level.


Will Democratic Party Closing Message be effective? -
in three weeks, they will know. In the meantime, President Obama is staying with the "Republicans drove us into the ditch and we don't want to move backward" theme. A new wrinkled aimed at getting out the vote of the left wing Democrats is the attack on the Supreme Court "United Citizens" decision allowing for unlimited corporate financing of campaigns. The latest accusation is directed at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with claims of them using foreign money to finance campaign ads. The NY Times Caucus Blog has more here.


Bill Clinton Stumping Hard for Democratic candidates -
remember Obama's comments in Pennsylvania during the 2008 presidential campaign when he referred to some as pick-up truck owners, gun toting, bible touting and flag waving voters? Well, the answer to reaching out to this segment of the voters is former President Bill Clinton and not Obama.

Clinton was in Kentucky yesterday stumping for Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway, and today for West Virginia Senate candidate Governor Joe Manchin and he is off to Nevada to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. has more here.


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