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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daily Political Wire 10-19-2010

George Wenschhof

Justice Department loses appeal to reinstate D.A.D.T. -
the Obama administration had appealed to the judge to remove the stay on the ban on the D.A.D.T. policy on gays serving in the military to allow time for a political solution. has more here.


Obama administration focus on Health Care Reform over Job Creation and the Economy turning voters to Republicans -
an interesting argument and one that is discussed by Bob Herbert in his column in the NY Times today. You can read it here.


What can Republicans accomplish if they win the House and/or Senate? -
President Obama will still have veto power and Republicans will not control enough seats to overturn a presidential veto. Will Republicans then continue an obstructionist approach to governing or will they risk angering their far right base and work to cooperate with the Obama administration? Eugene Robinson writes about this in his column in the Washington Post today. You can read it here.

I opined yesterday, voters would be looking for more centrists politicians when they go to the polls in the 2012 election.


Pentagon Prepares for Next WikiLeaks release -
the pentagon has assembled a 120 person response team to review and respond to the anticipated release of up to 400,000 military documents pertaining to the Iraq war. has more here.


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