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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton – Sex and the City, Superheroes and Women

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A recent New York magazine brief points out the superhero aspects of the Sex and the city movie mania among women – leading me to wonder about the failure of Hillary Clinton to invoke a similar response –

A recent study suggests that the problem lives in the unconscious identifications of us all – not just men certainly, but also how women perceive one another in positions of power and aggressiveness – it pervades our processing and perception of feminine roles in society.

Less credible is the study that suggests that women have not fought for political positions as hard as men - Link In fact, if there is any lack of political drive in women, it likely stems from the basic societal assumptions against tenacious, driven female candidates.

Compared to past female candidates at the national level – Clinton has carried a torch that outshines the Olympic torch – she is a credible and believable female candidate for President – if many reacted negatively to her – just more proof that she was a capable and electable woman – she was weighty in a new way – and paves the way for the next woman who may be our President. I believe that it will come in my daughter’s lifetime, if not in mine. I welcome it. Who can doubt that a woman may be a better leader?

Then there is the counterpart – male superhero’s like the Hulk – representing incredible rage – which leads us to the multiple unseemly gaffes of former president Bill Clinton, whose campaign support has perversely affected the Hillary campaign negatively in the minds of many and weakened the legacy and forgetfulness that time has lent him. A recent
Vanity Fair article details this and other quirks, such as “seeing a lot of women on the road.”

As a similarly minded friend in college was once described, he’s just a ‘bad dog’, he jumps his fence and goes into the neighbor’s yard and makes it with all the females in the neighborhood – Still his perceptions of political matters are hard to deny – and for Hillary, making no mistake like Al Gore made, not keeping Bill on the sidelines – when you have a date to the prom with Elvis, you don’t say no.

Given Hillary’s campaign fortunes, perhaps Bill would best move to Paris and pal around the Riviera with French President Sarkozy, the Rolling Stones, and some supermodels – at night there are jazz clubs to wax the sax, and collect accolades from admirers – he could be our first expatriate President. He may eventually deserve a great national phallic symbol – like the Washington Monument.

I give Hillary every hard fought inch of support and Delegates – given her work and experience, and her steadfastness in the nearly thankless fight for national health insurance for all Americans – she can hold a place on my Mount Rushmore.

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