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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 6-1-2008

Puerto Rico votes today - at stake 55 pledged and 8 superdelegates. The polls close at 3:00 PM ET and we will post the results as soon as they are known. Senator Clinton is projected to win by double digits. However, a low voter turn out is expected.


Unfortunately for Senator Clinton, the delegate math after the action taken yesterday by the DNC rules & bylaws committee clearly shows it is now over for her. Senator Obama now leads in total delegates 2051 to 1875. The new number needed to clinch the democratic party nomination is 2118. The 53 superdelegates from Michigan and Florida were also given only one-half vote so if they have not been included in any of the delegate projections, it is now impossible for Clinton to win the nomination. There are only 86 pledged delegates remaining in the last three primaries and a total of 179 superdelegates who are uncommitted. If 53 of the superdelegates are from Michigan and Florida, they would equal 26.5 delegates, plus the other 126 superdelegates, plus the 86 pledged delegates equal 238.5. Hillary needs 243 while Obama only needs 67 delegates to win the nomination.


How does Clinton gracefully exit? This is the question of the hour - even with loyal Clinton campaign strategists Harold Ickes and Howard Wolfson battling until the end, they now know it is over. Yesterday, Ickes threatened the rules and bylaws committee with an appeal of the Michigan ruling to the DNC "credentials committee" and Wolfson was making the case that Clinton will win the popular vote. However, they realize, the democratic nominee is determined by delegate count and the Presidency is determined by the electoral vote. Also, at this point a more favorable ruling in Michigan will not alter the outcome. So when does Clinton concede? The NY Times has a good read here.


Obama resigns from his Church. After the latest flap with Reverend Pfleger mocking Clinton in a sermon, Obama in a move directed at damage control, severs his ties with the Church. Read more here.


Ruters/Zogby Index - May results - This is an interesting read and is done every month. They ask the the same questions such as rate the U.S. Bush administration, rate the U.S. congress, Is the U.S. headed in the right direction, performance of U.S. economic and foreign policy and more. The results continue to show dissatisfaction.

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