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Monday, June 2, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 6-2-2008

Senator Edward Kennedy released a statement today announcing he will be undergoing targeted surgery today on his brain tumor at Duke University Medical Center. He will then undergo radiation treatment followed by chemotherapy. The Senator said he looked forward to his return to the Senate and to helping Senator Barack Obama be elected President. Read more here.


Current Delegate Count - Obama 2070, Clinton 1914. This figure includes the Puerto Rico allocation of delegates based on the results from yesterday. Although, Clinton won the U.S. territory by an impressive 2-1 margin, she is just too far back in delegates to catch up. Clinton won 38 delegates and Obama 17 out of the 55 pledged delegates from Puerto Rico. Obama is now within 48 delegates of the new 2118 number needed to win the nomination.

Tomorrow, 31 pledged delegates, (S. Dakota -15 and Montana -16) are up for grabs in the last two primaries. Obama is favored in Montana and S. Dakota is considered a toss-up. So it appears Obama will pick up approximately 16 delegates tomorrow and will only need approximately 30 of the remaining 176 superdelegates to secure the nomination. With all the pressure they are receiving from party leaders the remaining uncommitted superdelegates are likely to announce their support soon - if not tomorrow evening, certainly by the end of the week.


Gallup releases poll - "Americans Favor President Meeting With U.S. Enemies". This is a boost to Senator Obama's position on foreign policy.


Clinton campaign gossip - Reports are she is heading home to New York to meet with husband and senior staff. Another report indicates advance staff are invited to attend New York election night event tomorrow evening but their jobs were ending. Yet another report indicates Clinton hinted on the plane flight the campaign continues. Read more here.


In a press release issued yesterday, Maryland Democratic Party chair Michael Cryor stressed party unity after the DNC rules & bylaws committee issued their ruling on Michigan and Florida.

....."Some see this year's extended but exciting primary process as a stumbling block for Democrats. Nothing could be further from the truth. This contest between two great candidates has been the vigorous mental and physical exercise that strengthens our party for the future. We are ready and able to take back the White House and grow our majorities in Congress."


Meanwhile the Senate returns to work after a one week break - A climate bill that limits carbon emissions will be acted on, a war spending bill in the House is still under discussion, and a Farm bill is under consideration. Read more here.

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