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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clinton Wins Puerto Rico

As expected, NBC has now called Clinton the winner in Puerto Rico today. The early numbers coming in show a 2-1 win for Clinton over Obama 68% to 32%. However, as I mentioned earlier in reviewing the delegate math, it is over for Clinton for she is unable to win enough delegates to reach 2118 total delegates to secure the party nomination..

Here are some exit polls from Puerto Rico. The best delegate gain Clinton can hope for today is 17 with a 36-19 delegate split out of the 55 pledged delegates from Puerto Rico. This will put Obama within 48 delegates of 2118.

It is now clear Obama will not declare a victory out of respect for Clinton and the voters in the remaining two primaries until after the primaries are held Tuesday in Montana (16 pledged delegates) and S. Dakota ( 15 pledged delegates). Obama is favored in Montana and S.D. looks like a toss up.

4:22 PM ET Obama speaks to rally in Mitchell, S.D. He said he had called Clinton and congratulated her victory on her victory in Puerto Rico today. He spoke highly of her and said she would be a great asset in November and how Democrats will come together. He then followed with his stump speech directed against McCain and the change that is needed in our country.

5:45 PM ET The prediction of a low turnout in Puerto Rico turned out to be correct. With 57% reporting Clinton 68%, Obama 32% with the vote totals approximately 131,000 to 61,000.

Senator Clinton is set to speak at a rally in San Juan - although she won big today, she must know the delegate math no longer works for her. Will she mention the Michigan ruling and say she will appeal to the DNC credentials committee?

5:52 PM ET Clinton says Thank You Puerto Rico! Speaks of the 17.5 million people who have already voted for her plus the voters today who view her as the best candidate in the Fall - asks for people to check out her web site. She makes her point of winning the popular vote - people have spoken as to who their candidate shall be, then goes on to mention all the battleground states she has won. She hopes by her second term, Puerto Rico will be able to vote in the general election.

Says after the last two primaries on Tuesday she will have won the popular vote and neither candidate will have enough of the pledged delegates to win. Obama will have a slight lead in delegates but the decision will be on the shoulders of the superdelegates. She hoped the superdelegates would view her qualifications - She then went on with why she is the best candidate-ready to lead on day one, etc..... This race is about you, our country can not afford four more years of the same. She then went on to thank all who helped her in the Puerto Rico campaign effort. So no concession here.

The question remains - How does she gracefully exit?

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