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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 6-8-2008

Here is the response from Senator Obama on Clinton's speech. He acknowledges her historic run and thanks her on behalf of his wife and daughters for her hard fought campaign.


First Town Hall meeting proposed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and ABC. Bloomberg, at various times, has been rumored as a vice presidential candidate for both the Republican and Democratic candidate for President. The proposal is for a 90 minute town hall to be televised by ABC and held at Federal Hall in Lower Manhattan. McCain has been proposing 10-12 town hall meetings and the Obama campaign has said it sounds interesting but it is doubtful that many would be held. Read more here.


Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn says problem was money not message - He writes and op-ed in the NY Times today. Read it here. Many would argue a major problem with her campaign was his advise.


Here is a good read in the Washington Post entitled "Each Party is Set to Hunt The other's Usual Ground". The author, Dan Balz talks about how both candidates are positioned to battle in states normally associated with the other political party. This could result in new dynamics in the electoral map and how the final vote unfolds. Remember to check often the link on our Home Page for "Electoral Vote Predictor" to follow this changing dynamic.


The New York Times has a good read by Adam Nagourney entitled "Obama Maps a Nationwide Push in G.O.P. Strongholds". This continues with the same theme of a new contest set to unfold. Howard Dean, the chair of the DNC has made a 50 state strategy the focal point of his administration so we will see how successful his efforts have been.

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