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Friday, June 6, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 6-6-2008

Obama and Clinton meet in D.C. - Last evening, after a clever ploy resulting in the press watching the Obama campaign plane take off without him, the two candidates met to presumably discuss party unity. Read more here.


Obama will keep Dean as chair of DNC - Howard Dean has come under a lot of pressure this year as there have been differences among party leaders over his 50 state strategy and his failure to handle the primary calendar. This is a solid move, not because of Dean per say, but because a change in DNC leadership at this point in the campaign would hurt more than help. With only five months to go until the general election, there is just not enough time for a new chair to implement changes in direction. Look to see Dean replaced after the election, regardless of the outcome. Read more here.


Obama sets the record straight about his process in picking his VP - He says it is an important decision and one that will take some time for the committee to do it's work including the vetting process. Obama says the next time you hear from him on this subject will be when he announces his VP. Watch Video of his comments here.


Hillay Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson tried to downplay her interest in becoming vice-president while one of her strongest and long time supporter, attorney Lanny Davis joins VoteBoth an organization that supports both Clinton and Obama on the same ticket. Read more here.


Meanwhile, more signs of "It's a stupid Economy" - unemployment figures show national increase to 5.5% end of May. The summer has traditionally been a period when jobs expand and unemployment drops so keep an eye on the next three months. Read more here.

-------------------- has a good read today entitled "Senate action on Climate bill seems doomed". Even with all the work done by former vice president Al Gore and others, this bill dealing with global warming does not appear to have support of enough Republicans to pass.


Another emergency supplemental spending bill has been delayed passage by disagreements in the House and Senate. has a good read entitled "Chambers go to war on war bill".

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