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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 6-19-2008

It was a memorial service befitting Tim Russert. Yesterday, the entire 1 1/2 hour service was broadcast live from the Kennedy Center. Colleagues, family and friends spoke and the attendees included Senators Obama and McCain who sat next to each other per the family's request. The Clinton's also attended and as I watched the camera on them, I remembered one of the Democratic primary debates.

It was an early one when the full slate appeared and Russert was the moderator - He asked Senator Clinton her position on the Governor of New York's proposal to grant driver licenses to illegal immigrants - she said she supported it and then flip flopped and Russert in his way, made sure everyone caught it.

The speakers all told great stories about Tim and his son Luke summed it up by imagining a "Meet the Press" in Heaven. Bruce Springsteen appeared by satellite to sing "Thunder Road" and a double rainbow was spotted outside following the conclusion of the service. Read more here. - Video


Obama will not accept Public Financing - The 84 million in public financing does not come close to what his campaign will be able to raise. The campaign pointed out the Republicans accept money from Lobbyists and PACs which Obama does not. Obama also pointed out the existence of all the 527s ( name for exempted groups) that raise funds on behalf of candidates. The Republicans will jump on this for Obama said early on, he was in favor of public financing. As I have stated in the past, public finance reform is absolutely critical. But, until such time as these reforms are instituted, the Obama's campaign position of not accepting money from PACs or Lobbyists is a good start. Read more here.


McCain adds to his disastrous approach to energy problems - first he comes out with a proposal to end the ban on drilling for oil offshore and in the Arctic, now he wants to build 30 new nuclear reactors by 2030. He just doesn't get it - Read more here.


Today, Obama has a busy schedule on the Hill. He plans to meet with Labor Leaders to discuss the economy, the Congressional Black Caucus, and Women Caucus. The AFL-CIO is set to endorse Obama within weeks. Read his schedule today here.

Four major U.S. oil companies set to receive no-bid contracts with Iraq - This was a war that was sold to the American public as a battle against terrorism and not directed toward control of the rich oil fields of Iraq. Reportedly on June 30, four major oil companies will be awarded no-bid contracts and be allowed to return to Iraq for the first time in close to 40 years. Read more here.


Michelle Obama gets her own rapid response team - This is a good move for in this age of the Internet, misinformation can travel quickly and you should have a way to combat it. Read more here. Earlier, in the democratic primary, Mrs. Obama was criticized for her statement about "being proud of my country for the first time". Some of the first evidence of this new team effort is Michelle saying she was thankful for the defense of her comment offered by Laura Bush. Also, in an attempt to show Michelle in a different light, she recently appeared on "The View".

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