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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Political Wire 10-27-2010

George Wenschhof

President Obama to appear on "The Daily Show" tonight -
this afternoon, the president will interview with Jon Stewart, marking the first time a sitting president has appeared on the show. Stewart will hold his "Rally to Restore America" this weekend. The Daily Show has more here.


Campaign Finance Reform, Anyone? -
outside spending on the Colorado Senate race between Republican Ken Buck and Democrat Michael Bennet is now at 25 million. The Nevada Senate race between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sharron Angle is expected to top 50 million when candidate spending is included. Outside spending in Pennsylvania is at 17.5 million, Washington State 13.5 million, Illinois 12.4 and Missouri 11.4 million.

Al of these races remain competitive with less than a week to go until the general election. Chris Cillizza has more here.

The NY Times has a good read here on Democrats outspending Republicans by 30% in the top rated 109 House races. In spite of the fundraising advantage, Democrats are likely to lose their majority in the House.


Rubio solidifies lead in Florida Senate race -
the last debate was held last night and Independent Charlie Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek made no headway against Republican Marco Rubio. At this point, the only way Rubio gets beat is if Kendrick Meek dropped out of the race and endorsed Charlie Crist. You can read more on the debate hosted by NBC moderator David Gregory here.


Reuters/Ipsos poll has Pennsylvania senate race tied -
at 46% with less then a week to go to the general election. The seat is currently held by Arlen Specter, the long term Republican turned Democrat. This is a pivotal race for both political parties. has more here.


Senate Majority Leader Reid falls behind Angle in Nevada Senate race -
the latest poll has Republican Sharron Angle with a 4 point lead. Even if Reid wins and Democrats maintain a majority in the senate, look to see his time as Majority Leader come to an end. has a good read here with an update on the top ten Senate races.


Will Pelosi leave Congress if Democrats lose majority in House? -
speculation is she would have no interest in remaining a member of the House after having served in the powerful Speaker of the House role. CQ Politics has more here.


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