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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 12-9-2009

George Wenschhof

This morning, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will meet with Congressional Leaders to discuss job creation -
already Republican leaders are balking at using left over TARP funds to pay for new programs. has the guest list here.

Early evening, the president is off to Oslo, Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize -
the NY Times has more here.


Attorney General Martha Coakley wins Democratic nomination to fill the late Ted Kennedy's seat -
she becomes the first woman nominated for U.S. Senate by a major political party in Massachusetts. She won with 47% of the vote and will face Republican state Senator Scott Brown. The special election will be held on January 19, 2010. The Boston Globe has more here.


Democrats reach agreement on health care -
the so-called "Gang of Ten" consisting of five liberals and five conservative Democrats came to agreement on the government regulated non-profit exchanges which would replace the "public option" that has been so hotly debated. The plan is being sent to the congressional budget office to determine associated costs. has more here.


Talks in Copenhagen at the Climate control Summit could lead to agreements costing 10 Trillion over the next 20 years -
however, this is a global cost estimate and the safer and cleaner environment along with new job creation is well worth the cost supporters say. the NY times has more here.


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