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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 12-30-2009

George Wenschhof

The silliness continues over the political reaction to the terrorist botched attempt to explode a devise upon an airliner on Christmas Day -
Former vice President dick Cheney has said the Obama administration is weak on terrorism and Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is calling for Secretary Napolitano to resign. Democrats are countering with Republican Senators have been blocking the appointment of the Director of Transportation Security Administration. has more here.

The media is not helping by twisting what Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano said. As I reported yesterday, she was referring to the system worked after the failed attempt had been reported. That is; immediate notification to all airliners and airports, additional security measures immediately put in place etc. There was obviously a failure in the so called "fly lists" system and other measures which should have prevented the young man from boarding an airplane. The polarization between Republicans and Democrats is bad enough that the mainstream media does not have to stoke the debate with misleading reporting.

Interestingly, President George W. Bush did not make any comment for six days following the shoe bomber Richard Reid's failed attempt on an airliner which occurred during his administration
. This attempted bombing also brought to the light of day the shortcomings of the security system in place at that time. However, President Bush received no criticism from the press, nor did any Democrats publicly attack the President. has more here.


States Attorneys move closer to filling suit against Senate Health Care bill -
I reported on this a few weeks ago that about a dozen state attorneys question the legality of requiring that individuals buy health insurance or pay a fine. Florida State Attorney William McCollum is ratcheting up the rhetoric. Lets see, we require those who own an automobile to buy insurance, don't we? The NY Times has more here.


As the unrest in Iran continues, the U.S. deadline for them to reach agreement with world leaders on their nuclear program nears -
the end of the year deadline is a day away with the type of sanctions to be used still under discussion. has more here.


On the Domestic front, GMAC is set to receive another 3.5 Billion -
last December, the government stepping in with 12.5 Billion in loans to the troubled auto maker's mortgage arm. this continues to be part of the reorganization of the company. The Wall street Journal has more here.


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