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Friday, December 4, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 12-4-2009

George Wenschhof

Unemployment drops slightly as President Barack Obama heads to Allentown, Pennsylvania -
however, the nation's unemployment rate still stands at 10%. In Allentown, the President will visit Allentown Metals where steelworkers have been hurt with the loss of jobs. You can read more here.


New Gallup poll shows Americans feel Afghanistan policy is unlikely to succeed -
only 45% of the respondents felt the new strategy in Afghanistan was likely to succeed and 48% said they felt it was unlikely to succeed. has more here.

---- sat down and interviewed former Vice President Al Gore recently -
this comes as the United Nations climate control summit is set to begin next week in Copenhagen. Al gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the area of climate control. You can read the interview here.


C.I.A. receives White House approval to increase use of Drones in Pakistan -
more predator aircraft will be used to target Al Qaeda and Taliban officials. This move was made to supplement the additional troops sent to Afghanistan. Look to see a unhappy response to this report from Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, who is facing incredible pressures within his country. The NY Times has more here.


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