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Friday, December 11, 2009

City of Frederick, MD Mayor and Board Sworn In

George Wenschhof

In an extremely fast moving ceremony held yesterday at the Weinberg Center for the Arts, Randy McClement and the five member Board of Aldermen were sworn in as the 60th administration of The City of Frederick.

In just about an hour, the outgoing Mayor and Board held their perfunctory last meeting, Jeff Holtzinger spoke of the accomplishments made during his term of office, the Reverend Robert Manthey gave the Invocation, Sandra Dalton; the Clerk of the Circuit Court presided over the swearing-in ceremonies, the new Mayor and Board held their first meeting with Karen Young becoming Mayor Pro Tem, and Mayor McClement gave his Inaugural Address.

The Invocation given by Reverend Manthey had very thoughtful advice the incoming Mayor and Board should remember as they serve these next four years. Working together, staying humble and remembering to rise above the pettiness of politics while serving all of the residents of the city was sound advise. They would be well served to ask for a copy of the Invocation given by the Reverend and keep it nearby for easy reference.

The speech given by Mayor Randy McClement was short without any specific goals being set. He thanked his wife and supporters, recognized the tough economic times ahead, wished for a mayor and board that worked together as a team and said he would have an open door and open mind during his administration.

Let's hope the next four years at City Hall go as smoothly as the Inauguration.


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