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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 12-23-2009

George Wenschhof

Today, at the White House, President Barack Obama is interviewed by NPR News and PBS -
Robert Siegel and Julie Rover will be asking him about his first year in office. Jim Lehrer of PBS also has an interview scheduled today. You can read more here.

While there, the reporters will see the White House holiday decorations have the touch of the First Family:

The Senate has now scheduled the final Health Care bill vote for tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM ET. Afterward, the President and family will head to Hawaii for the holidays.


Senate Health Care approval expected tomorrow -
after two procedural votes received 60 yeas, the third vote tomorrow morning will be the charm in the Senate. You can read more here. Senate Democrats will cut holiday vacations short to set up conference committee so final bill can be in front of the President prior to his State of the Union address. has more here.


House Democrat becomes a Republican -
ala Arlen Specter who changed from Republican to Democrat earlier in the year. However, unlike Specter who helped the Democrats reach the magic number of 60 in the Senate, the defection of Parker Griffith still leaves the Democrats with a 257-178 advantage in the House. has more here.


MSNBC First Read has a good read on "The Decade's Top 10 Political Downfalls" -
leading the list is former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards and Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. You can read more here.


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