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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Topsy Curvy Polls Continue For GOP Candidates

George Wenschhof

Anything can still happen in the Iowa caucuses next Tuesday. One thing is for sure, Republican voters are still searching for an alternative to Mitt Romney. Romney is likely to finish among the top three in Iowa and win New Hampshire the following week. Romney's campaign organization and money continue to make him the favorite to win the Republican nomination.

However, he just does not have "it" with Republican voters, or for any voters for that matter, never pulling away from the herd, or registering poll numbers higher than the mid twenty per cent range. Rick Santorum is the latest to "surge" in the polls, registering third with Newt Gingrich falling to fourth place after a "pile on" by all the rest of the aspiring candidates. Gingrich's plummet in the polls followed the rise and fall of Herman Cain and the disappearance of the Rick Perry campaign.

Adding insult to the Michele Bachmann campaign, her Iowa chair jumped ship to join and support the Ron Paul campaign, less than a week before the Iowa caucuses. Ron Paul may win Iowa, but he has no chance to win the Republican Party nomination. Adding fuel to the rumor he will run ultimately as an Independent.

Former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman; the more reasonable voice of the group, is barely registering among Republican voters, overshadowed by the raucous din on who is more conservative than the other.

All, of which clearly illustrates how silly and out of touch with voters the current battle among Republican candidates is on who is more "conservative". To continue to focus on ideology as opposed to ways to bring the country together on finding the solutions to the problems ahead is a major fallacy of the Republican Party.

The clear winner in the Republican Presidential Primary to date is President Obama.


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