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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Americans Hopeful For 2012 -
AP/GfK polling suggest Americans are optimistic about 2012 and would like to forget 2011. 62% are optimistic on what 2012 will bring for the nation and 78% are optimistic on what it will mean for their families. Almost 70% said 2011 was a bad year. You can read more here.


Unemployment Claims Up -
the Labor Department reported the weekly claims were up 15,000. However, the four week average is the lowest since June 2008. You can read more here.


Hydrofracking - Latest Battle of Environment Versus Money -
a good read here at on the battle ongoing in the state of New York. This is actually a federal issue and one federal regulators should weigh in on. A moratorium, while health and safety research is conducted only makes sense.


Kim Jong-un Declared North Korea Leader -
he was named supreme head of the country one day after the death of his father, in front of a crowd of tens of thousands in Pyongyang. The NY Times has more here.


Arab Observers in Syria -
they are investigating the violence inflicted by the government crack down on protesters. Initial reports from the city of Homs by one observer, indicating "he saw nothing frightening" has frustrated demonstrators. has more here.


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