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Monday, December 26, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

One Week To Go Before Iowa Caucuses -
hard to believe the first of the Republican caucuses and primaries will be be held in one week. has an update on what the Republican presidential candidates are up to during the upcoming week. You can read it here.


Republican Presidential Candidate Fund Raising Down From 2008 -
interestingly, the combined fund raising by the Republican presidential hopefuls is down 40% at the end of the third quarter from the combined totals in 2008. has more here.


Romney Leads in New Hampshire -
the latest Boston Globe Poll has Mitt Romney comfortably in first with 39%, followed by Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich at 17% and Jon Huntsman at 11%. No other candidate received more than 3%. The Boston Globe has more here.


Lugar Says Tea Party "Killed GOP Chance to Take Over Senate" -
yesterday, on CNN "State of The Union" Senator Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) slammed tea party activists for costing Republicans the opportunity the chance to regain the majority in the Senate. Lugar is facing primary opposition from a tea party backed candidate. has more here.


Will 2012 Election Be Monumental? -
E. J. Dionne has a good read today in the Washington Post on the role of government and the attempt by Republicans to dismantle government as we know it. You can read it here.


Keep An Eye on Oregon Special Election -
the election a result of the resignation of Democratic Representative David Wu. has a good read here.

Democratic candidate Suzanne Bonamici is favored to win with both Democrats and Republicans anxious to see the size of the spread to see if the special election is an harbinger for the 2012 battle for control of the House.

Egypt Military Considers Moving Up Elections -
in the wake of continuing violence, the military is considering speeding up the process to elect members of a lower and upper chamber of government. has more here.


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