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Monday, December 19, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

N. Korea Kim Jong-il Dead -
from what is being reported as a heart attack on Saturday. The news was announced last evening. His youngest son, Kim Jong-un is apparently in charge. Shortly after the announcement, short range missiles were test fired by North Korea.

The starving nation has been on a course to develop nuclear arms so all eyes are on North Korea to observe the transition of power. The NY Times has more here. Stay tuned..


House Votes on Payroll Tax Extension Today -
the year is ending as it began with partisan gridlock in Congress. House Republicans are saying they will not approve the two month compromise extension already approved by the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is saying he will not call the senate back into session. So, if the House rejects the two month extension approved by the Senate, payroll tax deductions, unemployment benefits and medicare payments to doctors will end as of December 31. has more here. Stay tuned..


Gingrich Drops in Latest Iowa Poll -
Texas Rep. Ron Paul is in first with 23%, Romney in second with 20% and Gingrich at third with 14%. The Public Policy Poll had Santorum, Perry, and Bachmann at 10%, and Huntsman at 4%. You can read more on the results here.

The Iowa caucuses are January 3 and remember voters have the opportunity to change their vote after the first round of votes are cast. The poll suggests a lot of fluidity remains among voters and the caucus manner of voting allows for many possibilities to transpire. Stay tuned...


Connecticut Democratic Senate Primary Heats Up -
in the race to replace retiring Independent Senator Joe Lieberman. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.), who chairs the DSCC, has endorsed Rep. Chris Murphy. Women groups, led by the National Organization of Women and Emily's List have endorsed Susan Bysiewicz. has more here.


Secret U.S./Taliban Talks Key To Ending Afghanistan War -
after ten months of secret talks, the U.S. is considering a transfer of Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to Afghan government security. has more here.


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