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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Cain and Romney Tied in Iowa -
the latest poll from The Des Moines Register released last night has Herman Cain with 23%, Mitt Romney at 22%, Ron Paul - 12%, Michele Bachmann - 8% and Perry - 7%. The margin of error was 4.9%. You can read more of the poll results here.

Several things to keep in mind while poll watching; the winner of the first four primary states (Iowa, New Hampshire, S. Carolina and Nevada) will receive a huge boost in voter ID and also campaign funds while it is likely the large Republican field will become smaller leading to a battle to where the supporters of candidates who have dropped out will now support.

Perry's 7% showing in Iowa after his much publicized speech on his support of the flat tax early last week shows his campaign is in real trouble.

Stay tuned....


Perry Campaign Signs on For Five More Debates -
after complaining the Republican Presidential Debates were not that useful and suggesting Texas Governor Rick Perry who had fared poorly in the debates to date would not participate in any more, the Perry campaign has signed on for four debates in November and one in December. You can read more on the debate schedule here.


Social Security To Add 46 Billion To Deficit This Year -
if a payroll tax proposed by President Obama is approved the deficit could grow to 267 Billion next year. Discussion on making revisions to social security have not received any traction on Capitol Hill as deficit reduction talks continue. The Washington Post has a good read here on this issue.


G-20 Summit This Week -
meeting in France, the focus will be on the European union financial crisis and how it will effect the rest of the world. has more here.


Maryland State Senator Currey Receives Democratic Leaders Support -
Prince Georges Democrat Ulysses Currie is charged with bribery, extortion and making false statements, yet is receiving support from top Maryland Democrats. The Baltimore Sun has a good read here.


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