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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

European Union Reaches Agreement on Greece Rescue -
the leaders of 17 countries agreed on a 50% writedown on Greek debt along with increasing the rescue fund to 1.4 Trillion. has more here.


Romney Leads In Four Early Primary States -
among the republican contenders for president, Mitt Romney is leading in Iowa, New Hampshire, S. Carolina and Florida according to a new poll by CNN/Time/ORC. It is still early, but this is a good position for Romney to be in at this point in the campaign. has more on the results here.


Perry May End Participation in Debates -
according to the campaign communications director. Ray Sullivan said as much to CNN's John King yesterday. has more here.

Think, it may have anything to do with the lousy performance Texas Governor Rick Perry has had in every Republican presidential candidate debate to date?


Will Anti-Union Bill in Ohio Hurt Romney? -
put on the spot at a recent rally in the state, Mitt Romney deferred on answering as to his position on the anti-union bill facing a repeal referendum. A day later, his campaign issued a statement saying he supported SB 5 110%. has a good read here on what may be the implications of Romney's action.


Democrats Go For Tax Increase on Deficit Super Committee -
as leaked previously, Democratic members of the committee have proposed a 3 Trillion deficit reduction achieved, in part, by 1 Trillion in tax increases. Not surprisingly, the Republicans on the committee said no way. Stay tuned... has more here.


Battle for The House Heating Up -
between redistricting and retirements, the Democratic Party "Drive for 25" to regain the majority of the House may succeed. Public Policy Polling surveyed four states where redistricting has taken place and it shows 12 seats currently held by republicans are now in play in Arkansas, California, Illinois and Wisconsin. has more here. has a good read here on how tough the battle will be for Democrats to regain the House.


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