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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Radiation Detected in Tokyo Drinking Water -
warning were issued to not have babies drinking tap water. The cost of the disaster is climbing in japan and is now 300 billion. has more here.


Bomb Wounds 25 in Jerusalem -
the bomb exploded at a crowded bus stop. This comes as Palestine/Israel peace efforts sponsored by the U.S. have stalled. You can read more here.


U.S. Moves Closer to Turning Over Libya Operation To NATO -
as President Obama returns from his trip to Latin America. More questions than answers continue to arise over how the U.S. got involved in this conflict and what is the end game. The Washington Post has more here.

With the 2012 presidential race looming, President Obama's leadership style will be put to the test as Republicans and Democrats alike will be looking at his role in the stimulus bill, health care reform, financial reform, balancing the budget, and now the military intervention in Libya.


59% Oppose Health Care Reform -
a year after the controversial bill was passed, the same number of Americans oppose it, according to a poll conducted by CNN/Opinion Research. Only 37% approve of it, down from 39% a year ago. has more here.


DCCC Identifies 10 Races in Drive For 25 in 2012 -
a twenty-five seat gain is needed by Democrats to retake the majority in the House. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already listed ten seats they believe will be in play. has more here.

Democracy corps, a Democratic pollster has 50 seats in play in 2012, indicating a change in the majority is very possible. You can read their data, which includes 35 freshmen Republican seats, here.


Maryland Redistricting Underway -
in Maryland, Democrats will once again control the redistricting that takes place. Democrats hold an overwhelming majority of state seats and 6 of 8 congressional seats are considered "safe".

The common thought is an effort will be made to go after the first congressional district, where Republican Andy Harris beat one term Democrat Frank Kratovil in 2010. The 6th congressional district, where Republican Roscoe Bartlett represents will be extremely difficult to reconfigure without jeopardizing current Democratic held districts. Chris Cillizza of has his take here.


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