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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Operation Odyssey Dawn Begins in Libya -
yesterday, air and sea bombardment of targeted areas inside Libya began by allied forces. As attacks began, so did the many questions surrounding the allied action. Some wonder why it took so long for intervention, while others wonder what is the end goal. A major concern is also there is no recognized leader of the rebels.

The NY Times has an update here. Questions also surround President Obama's leadership skills. Here is a good read on


Obama in Brazil as Assault on Libya Begins -
his effort to develop better trade relations with Latin America overshadowed by the conflict in Libya. has an update below.


Rescue Efforts Continue in Japan -
helping the people devastated from the earthquake and tsunami will be a long term effort. Over 8,000 deaths have been officially announced and that figure is expected to increase significantly as government officials continue rescue efforts. The Washington Post has more here.

Efforts to avert a larger nuclear disaster at the damaged nuclear power plant which contains six reactors continue as power has been restored to water pumps which operate coolant systems. has more here.


U.S. Envoy To Mexico Resigns -
it appears cables released by wikileaks highlighted a rift between U.S. envoy Carlos Pascual and Mexico President Felipe Calderon. The published cables on wikileaks showed Pascual doubted the ability of President Calderon to combat crime and corruption in his country. has more here.


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