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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Gaddafi Continues Attack Against Rebels -
government tanks and warplanes continue to strike against rebel held territory in Libya as pressure mounts for the U.N. to enforce a no-fly zone. Meanwhile, reports also continue of talks talking place for a transition from the Gaddafi regime. has more here.


Wisconsin Republicans Strip Collective Bargaining From Workers -
in a procedural move, sure to be challenged in the courts by Democrats and Unions. Yesterday, in less than an hour the state senate voted to eliminate collective bargaining for most public service employees. They did so without having any money associated with the bill, claiming a quorum was not therefore necessary. Meanwhile, the 14 Democratic state senators remain in Illinois. The NY Times has more here.


Failed Senate Votes Show Lack of Clarity on Budget -
yesterday, as expected two proposals; one from Republicans and one from Democrats both failed. Eleven Democrats could not even agree with their party's proposed 6 billion cut for the remainder of this fiscal year. The Republican proposal had 57 billion in cuts and actually received two more votes than the Democratic proposal. has more here. Meanwhile, the silliness continues with the raising of the nation's debt ceiling still needing passage and a budget for next year still to be approved.


New DCCC Chair and Congressional Black Caucus Off to Rocky Start -
Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) meet with the CBC to hear some of their complaints and was quoted as saying Democrats did not need the CBC to take back the House in 2012. Hardly a good start for the man who took over for Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) who had chaired the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee over the last two elections. has more here.


Radicalization of Muslim Hearings Begin Today -
Representative Peter King (R-N.Y.) who championed these hearings will now have his name go down in history alongside fellow nut case; Senator Joe McCarthy, whose anti-communist attacks became a taint in the history of American politics. The Washington Post has a good read here.


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