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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Nuclear Plant Crisis Continues in Japan -
valiant attempts to avoid a major catastrophe continue as multiple nuclear reactors face meltdowns. High radiation levels forced the remaining crew of technicians to leave temporarily, before returning. The Washington Post has an update here.


Diplomatic Standoff Ends in Pakistan -
the American former C.I.A. operative who was arrested after killing two Pakistanis, has been released. The U.S. had claimed he was protected by diplomatic immunity. The release came after the families of the deceased accepted a payment of money from the United States. The NY Times has more here.

This incident has strained the already fragile U.S./Pakistan relationship.


Clinton Tours Tahrir Square -
the site of the mass demonstrations in Cairo which led to the removal of Egyptian President Mubarak. Steps continue to be made leading to a democratic election. has more here.


Building Industry Hits New Lows -
building permits were at their lowest ever on record as new home construction dropped 22.5% last month. Interest rates continue to be at the lowest ever available to buyers, but is not spurring sales. has more here.


House Passes 3 Week Budget - Senate Next -
the vote was 271-158 with 54 Republicans voting against it and 85 Democrats voting for it. The vote in the Senate will likely come today as the current two week stopgap funding bill expires Friday. has more here.


Will Strickland Be Next DNC Chair? -
the former governor of Ohio who lost in his reelection bid last year is emerging as one of the favorites to replace Tim Kaine who is likely to step down to run for U.S. Senate in Virginia. has a good read here.

I look to see a woman picked to lead the Democratic Party with former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, a likely choice.

The DNC is meeting tonight in D.C. and President Obama is expected to attend.


Sarah Palin's Favorability Drops Among Republicans -
it is now 58%, down 30 points from the 2008 election. More importantly, her unfavorable rating among Republicans is 37% and much higher than other leading contenders for the 2012 Republican nomination for president. has more here.


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