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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

No-Fly Zone For Libya Gains Support -
as Muammar Ghaddafi clings to power in Libya. World wide pressure is mounting for the United nations to impose a no-fly zone over Libya which would benefit the rebels trying to overthrow Ghaddafi. Meanwhile, negotiations are taking place which would provide for Ghaddafi to step down and receive asylum. The NY Times has more here.


House Republicans Prepare Another Stop Gap Funding Bill -
as the Senate is expected to reject two funding measures today, one from Republicans and one from Democrats. House Republican leaders have said they will continue to pass two week spending measures which reflect 4 billion in cuts until a continuing resolution is passed for the remainder of the year. has more here.


White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley Working Closer with Cabinet -
before his arrival, it seemed only Defense secretary Bob Gates and Education Secretary Arne Duncan were receiving attention from the Obama administration. Daley has been working to change that appearance by reaching out to all members of the Cabinet. The Washington Post has a good read here.


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