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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ultra Conservatives Emerge as Winners in Frederick County, MD Primaries

George Wenschhof

Is Frederick County experiencing their "tea party" fueled activists influencing local elections is a question some may now have. Yesterday, long term Maryland district 4-a state delegate Republican Paul Stull was defeated after provisional and absentee ballots were tallied.

While moderate Republican Kelly Schulz is who came in second, only seven votes ahead of Stull, it was far right conservative Kathy Afzali who led the Republican primary. Voters elect two state delegates in district 4-a.

These results come after another far right conservative Michael Hough beat incumbent Charles Jenkins in the Republican primary in district 3-b.

Both Afzali and Hough will be favored to win their elections in the general election held on November 2.

If Republican district 3 state senator Alex Mooney holds off a sure strong challenge by Democratic challenger Ron Young and Schulz and Afzali win, they would make 3 of the 8 state representatives from Frederick County.

A startling possibility is if the above Republican candidates win and current Republican candidates Patrick Hogan and Scott Rolle sweep in district 3-a, all 8 state positions from Frederick county would be represented by Republicans. The other Republicans favored to win reelection are district 4-b delegate Donald Elliot and district 4 state senator David Brinkley.

Maryland is a strong Blue state with Democrats holding an overwhelming majority in the General Assembly which makes this far right showing in Frederick county all the more interesting.

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