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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Absentee Ballots Do Not Alter Frederick County MD Races

George Wenschhof

Absentee ballots were counted this morning with several candidates and their supporters anxious for the results.

In district 4-a Republican race where voters determine two state delegate candidates to move on to the general election, Kathy Afzali maintained her number one finish and Kelly Shultz her number two placement from primary election day totals.

My unofficial count has Afzali with 3411 votes, Shultz with 3365, and incumbent Paul Stull with 3347. Stull did pick up some ground on Shultz as he received 31 absentee votes. Afzali received 16 and Schultz received 20.

In the Republican district 3-a race where voters determine two state delegate candidates to move on to the general election, there were also no changes in the order of finish.

Patrick Hogan received 50 absentee votes, Scott Rolle - 32 votes and Huckenpoehler received 24 votes.

My unofficial count has Hogan with 2981, Rolle with 2233, and Huckenpoehler - 2214. Rolle added 7 votes to his 12 vote lead.

In the local Republican Central Committee contest, Joe Cohen stayed ahead of George Bauer for the last position on the committee. Cohen received 49 absentee ballots for my unofficial total of 4724. Bauer received 39 absentee for my unofficial total of 4686.

I believe the final count will be certified next week by the elections board adding any overseas military and absentee ballots received and postmarked on or before primary day.

It is very doubtful for any changes to transpire, but it could happen as about 300 provisional ballots also remain to be counted. How many of them are from district 3-a or 4-a is unknown. Schultz leads Stull by 18 votes in the 4-a race and Rolle leads Huckenpoehler by 19 votes in the 3-a race. The big surprises would be the loss by long term incumbent Republican Paul Stull and the win by Scott Rolle who did not campaign and had previously indicated he was gong to withdraw from the race. One would think Mr. Rolle will seriously reconsider his earlier statement he was not running as he and Patric Hogan would make two very competitive candidates in the state delegate district 3 general election.

Frederick County Board of Elections website will have the official count here.

Stay Tuned...


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