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Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Political Wire 9-20-2010

George Wenschhof

Today, the president and vice president travel to stump for Democratic candidates -
President Obama will be in Pennsylvania headlining an event for Joe Sestak who is running against Republican Pat Toomey for the senate seat held currently by Arlen Specter.

Biden will travel to Ohio to help Governor Ted Strickland who is trailing Republican candidate John Kasich in the polls.

Also today, President Obama will appear at a televised town hall meeting. John Hardwood of CNBC will moderate. You can read more here.


DREAM ACT and D.A.D.T. up for discussion in Senate this week -
both controversial measures will surely receive strong rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. Ending a policy directed toward gays and lesbians who serve in the military and providing a pathway to citizenship for children of immigrants who serve in the military or have attended college will receive media attention this week. The NY Times has more here.


Bottom kill of Gulf oil well successful -
finally, after an estimated 172 million gallons of oil had gushed into the gulf. The sealing of the well from both the top and the bottom is considered a permanent fix.

Now, comes a continuing effort to restore the areas affected by the spill and the payment of funds from the BP escrow account to those who were hurt financially from the disaster. has more here.


Sunday "Talking Heads" wrap -
from what former Secretary of State Colin Powell to former President Bill Clinton, has a quick wrap up with short video clips here.


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