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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frederick County MD Young Democrats Begin Weekly Column

J. Burke Miller

Through this past Presidential election, we all witnessed as the youth of America shed the stigma of uninformed non-voters and emerge as one of the major catalysts of President-elect Barack Obama's historic campaign. As proud as I was to witness the extent to which my peers were engaged, the prospects of America's youth returning to electoral anonymity have continued to way heavy on my mind – very heavy, actually.

When the county's chapter of Young Democrats was revamped over the summer, it was with the intention of assuring that Frederick's youth would never again be anonymous; instead, our chapter would thrive at the task of cultivating Frederick's leaders of tomorrow. On the common ground of an interest in politics, the members of the Frederick County, Maryland Young Democrats (FYD) have committed to developing a deeper understanding of the political realm beyond the headlines on CNN. We are determined to understand the motives of those who seek office and the justifications and tendencies of those who put them there, and as we explore the ins and outs of politics we, too, are developing a core set of issues that mold our political persona.

With our "Frederick's Up and Coming" column, the Frederick Young Democrats intend to provide readers with an in-depth look at the process by which we have come to define ourselves as "young Democrats." Still, however, because each of our members undoubtedly processes current events in a different manner, our opinions will not always align with one another's. With that said, the "Frederick's Up and Coming" column is less of a forum for our organization to establish our agenda and more an opportunity to simply showcase the multiple talents and view points of our members to assure Frederick County that this time, we are not going to fade away.

The Frederick Young Democrats thank Mr. George Wenschhof for this wonderful opportunity and we remind you to visit "Air-it-Out with George Wenschhof" on Wednesdays for the newest version of "Frederick's Up and Coming," as the members of our organization and your community take turns dissecting, detailing and explaining how they have come to see the world.


J. Burke Miller is President, Frederick County MD Chapter of Young Democrats.


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