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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cryor to Step Down as Chair of the MD Democratic Party

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The Maryland Democratic Party sent out a press release late afternoon making official what the Baltimore Sun Blog had reported yesterday. Michael Cryor was stepping down as chair of the Maryland Democratic Party after serving eighteen months in the position.

Mr. Cryor's ties with Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley go back to O'Malley's campaigns for Mayor of Baltimore.

The chair of the Maryland Democratic Party does not receive income and the Baltimore Sun pointed out his resignation would avoid any potential conflict of interest that may occur with clients he may work with in his role as a public relations executive.

The Baltimore Sun Blog entry by David Nitkin also indicated Quincey Gamble who is the Executive Director for the Maryland Democratic Party may also resign to pursue opportunities in the incoming Obama administration.

Mr. Cryor was fortunate to serve during the recent Presidential campaign which contributed to record increases of registered voters in the Democratic Party. Maryland was also able to add another Democratic Congressman when Frank Kratovil won in the first district. Seven of the eight districts in the state of Maryland are now represented by Democrats. The lone exception is the sixth district in western Maryland represented by Republican Roscoe Bartlett.

He is currently the only African-American chair of a state Democratic Party and his last day will be January 31, 2009. In his resignation letter to Governor O'Malley, he indicated he wanted to step down following the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama and Vice-President elect Joe Biden.

Mr. Cryor also said "I want to thank Gov. O'Malley, the people of Maryland and the Maryland Democratic Party for the honor and privilege of serving them in such a capacity. This entire experience has truly been one of the most rewarding and important moments of my life."


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