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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Democratic Chatter 1-31-2009

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Today, in President Barack Obama's weekly address he discuses the importance of the passage of his bill "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan". Click on the photo below to watch the video.

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Another Obama Cabinet nominee with back tax problems - previously it was Timothy Geithner for Treasury Secretary who did not pay taxes for several years before paying up along with penalties prior to his nomination. This time, it is Tom Daschle, the nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services. Seems he did not report lino services provided to him by the private equities firm he worked for as a consultant. Reportedly $100,000 in back taxes were paid and in spite of this embarrassment, expect him to be confirmed by the senate. has more here.


After six rounds of voting Michael Steele elected RNC chair - the meeting in Washington D.C. of the Republican National Committee, had lots of drama with the rules dictating the winner must receive 85 votes. The final vote was 91-77 with Michael Steele prevailing over Katon Dawson, the GOP South Carolina chair. Michael Steele, the former Maryland Lt. Governor, is the first African-American to chair the RNC. He immediately talked about competing in all 50 states. Sound familiar? - let's see - a Democratic African-American elected President and the former DNC chair, Howard Dean promoted the successful 50 state strategy which aided Obama in his victory. has more here.


Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) introduces bill to limit executives pay - the bill pertains to executives who are or will be working for companies receiving government funds from the 700 Billion bailout known as TARP, the Trouble Assets Relief Program. It would limit them to not making more money than the President of the United States. has more here.


Obama to send 20 million in humanitarian relief to Gaza - while government funds in the U.S. are being spent in record numbers, this is a wise move. Hamas, in the past after flare ups with Israel resulted in much destruction were quickly there in neighborhoods passing out money and offering assistance. The U.S. humanitarian aid will be administered to the Palestinians through the UN. has more here.


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