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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Democratic Chatter 1-11-2009

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President-elect Barack Obama appears on ABC "This Week" airing this morning - make sure you check it out. He discusses the economy, tax cuts, and how all Americans must sacrifice. He says his stimulus bill should be introduced in Congress tomorrow. If you miss the show, ABC News has some video clips of segments of the show you can watch here.

Yesterday, Obama was busy getting around his new home town. In the afternoon, accompanied by D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, he stopped by Ben's Chili Bowl for some good eats. In the evening, his family visited the Lincoln Memorial.


Confirmation Hearings for Eric Holder for Attorney General to begin Thursday - this may not be smooth sailing as republicans have been bringing up his role in the pardon of Marc Rich at the end of the Clinton administration. The more recent scrutiny has been on his private sector consulting business and his client list. The NY Times has more here.


Will Roland Burris return to D.C. and demand his Illinois Senate seat? - the Governor Blagojevich saga continues.... After the Supreme Court ruled the Burris appointment was legitimate, secretary of state Jesse White certified the appointment, removing the obstacle that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said prevented him from seating Burris in the Senate. Democratic leadership has not handle this situation well to date and another refusal of seating Burris in the Senate will likely result in a lawsuit which will further exacerbate a bad situation. has more here.


Israel continues ground offensive in Gaza - over two weeks of fighting now has Israeli tanks and troops entering the Gaza Strip's largest town, Gaza city. Repeated calls for a cease-fire has been rejected and there is no indication as to when Israel would begin to withdraw it's troops from Gaza. has more here.


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