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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Democratic Chatter 1-1-2009

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President-elect Barack Obama and his family end vacation today - They will be leaving Hawaii this afternoon and head to Chicago. Then it is moving time to Washington D.C. over the weekend. In 19 days they will be moving into the White House. The Honolulu Star Bulletin has more here.


Israel Air Strikes on Gaza continue - It is now the sixth day of this recent conflict and Israel troops remain on the border of Gaza. The Israel air strikes have targeted the infrastructure of Hamas. Hamas has also continued to launch rockets against Israel. Meanwhile, the French continue to attempt to broker a cease-fire. The NY Times has more here.


"Blago-watch" - the appointment of Roland Burris to the vacant Illinois Senate seat by Governor Rod Blagojevich is the latest chapter of this saga surround the Governor. Burris has now asked the Illinois Supreme Court to ensure he is certified by the Illinois Secretary of State. This move by the Governor to appoint Burris has left Democratic leaders scrambling as to how to respond. has more here.

U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has also asked the court for a ninety day extension to indict Governor Rod Blagojevich. has more here.


Minnesota Senate race update - the dispute over the counting of remaining absentee ballots continues with Republican incumbent Norm Coleman filing an appeal to the state supreme court. Democrat Al Franken holds a slim 47 vote lead after the state canvassing board finished tabulating the recount vote. The state court has ruled that an additional 1350 absentee ballots which were improperly disqualified be counted and the Coleman campaign is now seeking to add absentee ballots to that figure. has more here.


Senate to begin confirmation hearings on Obama Cabinet appointments next week - first up on January 8 will be Tom Daschle who was nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Hilda Solis, nominated for Labor Secretary will follow on January 9. Eric Holder, the Attorney General nominee is scheduled for January 15. The NY Times has more on the schedule here.


Wall Street Losses in 2008 worst since Great Depression - 6.9 Trillion was lost last year which represented approximately a 33% loss of value in one year. The Washington Post has more here.


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