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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Air Strikes Continue on Libya -
the western lead intervention continues as questions raise as to why the U.S. is involved in this action. One U.S. fighter plane has crashed, the reason bringing different explanations. Both U.S. crewmen have been rescued. The cost to date for the U.S. intervention is estimated in the billions. BBC News has more here.

Meanwhile, no one knows where Gadaffi is, who will lead the western effort when the U.S. bows out, and by the way, who is leading the rebellion?


Questions Surround Presidential Authority to Enter War -
the U.S. military action in Libya ordered by President Obama, without congressional consent, has led to new questions pertaining to executive power and constitutional authority. The NY Times has a good read here.


Efforts Continue on Damaged Japanese Nuclear Reactors -
some power has been restored as attempts continue to cool down the reactors and storage ponds. Reuters also reported the plant had been exceeding the storage limits of spent nuclear rods, which has also exacerbated the problem. has more here.


Obama Latin America Trip Overshadowed By Other Events -
the long delayed trip by President Obama has turned out to be one which no one is paying attention to as the tragedy in Japan continues, the military action in Libya began and negotiations continue on a compromise for a budget resolution for the remainder of this year.

Does anyone know where President Obama is today? The answer is in El Salvador, where he will be discussing immigration, gun trafficking and drug wars. You can read more here.


Pawlenty Becomes Latest Republican to Announce Exploratory Committee for President -
as questions continue on the lack of leadership displayed by President Obama, the former governor of Minnesota; Tim Pawlenty joins Newt Gingrich as the first two vying for the Republican 2012 nomination. has more here.


Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill (Mo.) Ethics Problems Imperil Reelection Bid -
First, it was the revelations she had reimbursed herself for personal flights and then it was the matter of close to $300,000 of unpaid taxes on the plane co-owned with her husband. This will likely damage her reelection effort next year, a situation democrats are not happy about as they realize they will be battling to maintain their current slim majority in the Senate. has more here.


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