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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thank you for your donations!

George Wenschhof
I want to thank you for the donations I have received.  They have ranged in amounts from $20 to $500 and are very much appreciated.

In response to many of you saying there was not any local video political programing,  I plan to produce an online video political discussion program. It will feature local elected officials, community leaders, activists and experts discussing the issues that matter most to you.

If, you not already watched, take three minutes and view my video located at the top of the home page.

As, I have mentioned previously, producing quality online video is expensive. To begin production, I need your financial assistance in raising the necessary capital to get started. Donations may be made by clicking on the donation button located in the right hand margin of my Blog;

I continue to write on local politics and have been interviewing the candidates for mayor and the board of aldermen in the upcoming City of Frederick election.

I recently interviewed Democratic candidates for mayor; alderman Karen Young (read interview here) and Maryland state delegate Galen Clagett (read interview here).  I will be interviewing Republican mayor Randy McClement on Monday.

I also weighed in on the ongoing effort by Frederick County Board of County Commissioners Blaine Young to privatize government services in a recent column published in the Frederick News Post which can be read here.

It would be great to be able to conduct these interviews with elected officials on an online video program for you to be able to watch and see their responses to the questions asked.

I would love to bring this program to you so you can hear what community leaders, local activists and elected officials say about the issues that matter to you.

Your donations are appreciated and are not tax deductible.  They help me to continue to publish and with enough financial support will enable me to begin production of a weekly pay-for-view online video political discussion program.

Thank you for your support!

George Wenschhof

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