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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On last Day of Filing, Aloi and Hirsch File for Mayor

George Wenschhof

Alderwoman Shelley Aloi
Republican alderwoman Shelley Aloi, who kept voters wondering what office she would be running for, made her run for mayor official on the last day candidates could file to run for office in The City of Frederick election.

Carol Hirsch, a Democrat, also filed for mayor.  With, the additions of Aloi and Hirsch, there are now four women and three men running for mayor.

The possibility now exists three women could face each other in the General Election in November, which would be a first for the city.

Aloi, who has been critical of Mayor Randy McClement during her term as alderwoman, continued her derisive comments of the mayor telling me, in an interview, “The City of Frederick cannot take four more years of the mayor”.

She added McClement had not made the tough decisions in regard to the underfunded city employee pension and other post employee benefit (OPEB) programs. 

Estimates are the city pension plan is underfunded by $78 million and OPEB is underfunded by $104 million.

A total of seven candidates filed for mayor and 15 for alderman.  The City of Frederick website has a list of the primary election candidates here.

Only two incumbent aldermen filed for reelection.  They are Democrats Michael O’Connor and Kelly Russell.
Incumbent alderwoman Carol Crimm (D) did not file for reelection and is heavily rumored to be running for state delegate.  Delegate Galen Clagett (D-district 3-a) is running for mayor and has already announced he is not running for reelection for delegate. 
Incumbent alderwoman Karen Young (D) joins Shelley Aloi (R) in challenging McClement for mayor.

Voters will elect a mayor and a five member board of aldermen.  The primary election is September 10 and the general election is November 5.

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shelly, you are making all sorts of complaints of the current Mayor. As a legislator, you have the ability, and duty to present legislation. Please explain what legislation you have proposed in your first term as Alderman? Mayor McClement has REDUCED the taxes on all residents, first by not increasing the taxes to the constant yield, and secondly by not raising taxes when the city and county went to a tax differential. Why didn't you vote to use those revenues to offset the OPEB issue? You didn't because it was not politically beneficial to do so. You failed your constituency for political gain and then try to blame the current Mayor. You could have, and should have at LEAST motioned to take 1/2 of each to offset the OPEB issue. You didn't, and thus are not suitable to lead the City.