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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clagett Signs on Yellow Cabs Stirs Controversy

George Wenschhof

Over the weekend, Democratic candidate for mayor; Galen Clagett signs were spotted atop yellow cabs in Frederick. 
It did not take long for comments to begin in what promises to be a hotly contested race for mayor of The City of Frederick. 
Community activist Kimberly Mellon first reported on the Clagett signs with a photo on her Facebook page “One Frederick, Many Voices”.
When I asked her to share her concerns, she sent me the following: “I am appalled by what appears at first glance to be Galen Clagett's campaign staff's ignorance to Interstate Mobile Advertising's (IMA) Taxi Top Ads used for sponsoring Blaine Young's rhetoric on his self-named WFMD Show.” 

Blaine Young is Republican President of the Frederick Board of County Commissioners and host of a daily radio show.

Mellon added “I'm left pondering Clagett’s intentions. Are Clagett's and Young's stars aligned with developer’s interests? Mellon mentioned an article in The Gazette dated April 25, 2013 that said in part “The bill, introduced by Del. Galen Clagett (D-Dist. 3A) of Frederick, will prevent opponents from asking the Frederick County Board of Appeals to overturn any of the long-term pacts — called Developer Rights and Responsibilities Agreements, or DRRAs — that can be in effect for a quarter of a century.”

When I reached Galen Clagett, he said his campaign was using every possible medium, adding he was also using Bowie Cab, another local company.

Galen added he believes “voters will determine which candidate to support based on their positions on the issues and their experience, not where their campaign sign appears.”

Clagett cited his many years of experience in the public and private sector, saying “I have a record that demonstrates what I have accomplished.”

His primary opponent in the September 10 city Democratic primary is alderman Karen Young, who is married to state senator Ron Young, a former four term mayor of The City of Frederick. The Young-Clagett primary will be a struggle between two long standing and strong political families in the community.

Also, running in the Democratic primary is newcomer to politics; Carolyn Hirsch.  Hirsch, who is deaf, will have the added challenge of communicating her position on the issues with voters.

Her entry into the contest illuminates the need for more deaf communicative services in communities and government. It will be interesting to see how well Carol does and who she will pull votes from; Galen or Karen in the Democratic primary.

When I asked Karen Young for her reaction to Clagett advertising on yellow cabs, she sent me an email saying “Galen and I will be running a very different campaign. Mine will be a very grassroots campaign. The areas where I invest will be very targeted and cost efficient.
On the other hand Galen will probably spend six figures on a media blitz that attempts to get his name broadcasted in every venue possible. He will reach thousands of people that are not voters, particularly in the primary. I believe that my strategy will confirm that I invest assets wisely and understand the potential return on my investment. That approach is illustrative of our different business philosophies and how we would run the City.”

Former county commissioner and director of Envision Frederick County; Kai Hagen added “Galen is going to have the best campaign his money can buy, without much of a grassroots effort.”

Many city voters also still have images of long term former sixth district Republican Roscoe Bartlett campaign signs appearing on top of yellow cabs.  Bartlett was long the scourge of Democratic voters, who rejoiced when state redistricting resulted in the election of Democratic Representative John Delaney in 2012 and brought an end to Bartlett’s twenty years in office.

The impact on the race, if any, the recent decision made by The City of Frederick Democratic mayoral candidate Galen Clagett to place campaign signs on top of Yellow Cabs remains to be seen.

Stay tuned.
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