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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Mursi Ousted By Army, Egypt To Swear in Interim Leader - Egypt will swear in an interim leader on Thursday after a tumultuous 24 hours during which the army ousted President Mohamed Mursi and vast crowds celebrated in Cairo and Alexandria amid clashes that cost 14 lives.

Adli Mansour will replace Mursi as head of state after appearing at Cairo's constitutional court where he is chief justice, the first step in what the military hopes will be a peaceful path to presidential and parliamentary elections.

Mursi and several leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood movement were being held at various locations by security services, after the leader defied calls to resign but was ultimately unable to forestall an ultimatum from the generals to cede power. has more here.


Al Jazeera Taken Off Air in Egypt - The building that houses Al Jazeera's live Egypt service was raided by security forces and forcibly taken off the air, according to an update Al Jazeera English posted to its website Wednesday evening.
Al Jazeera correspondents told Al Jazeera English the raid occurred while a live broadcast was in progress, and that the presenter, guests and producers were arrested.

Update: Ayman Mohyeldin, a foreign correspondent for NBC News based in Egypt, tweeted that a group of men came to NBC's offices in Egypt looking for Al Jazeera journalists. has more here.


Obama Weekly Address: Celebrating Independence Day - the president reflected on July Fourth, 1776, when “a small band of patriots declared that we were a people created equal – free to think and worship and live as we please. It was a declaration heard around the world – that we were no longer colonists, we were Americans, and our destiny would not be determined for us; it would be determined by us.”


Obamacare Delay - What does it Mean? - The POLITICO Junkies roundtable discusses what the postponement of a key part of the law means.


Pathway To Citizenship Falls Short - The nation is celebrating another birthday even as Americans are embroiled in a heated debate over who should be able to become a bona fide resident of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Of the estimated 11.5 million undocumented residents of the U.S., only about half would be expected to become permanent legal residents if the current immigration reform bill becomes law according to the best expert estimates and historical comparisons. And of that number, an even smaller percentage would be expected to pursue full citizenship. NBC News has more here.


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